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Facility manager HEYDAY presents new services and community concepts

05 juni

Facility management company HEYDAY has been rapidly transforming itself from a traditional facility manager into a provider of new services and community concepts. “We saw a chance to move up into the value chain”, says Erik van der Eik of HEYDAY.

“Two years ago, we saw an opportunity”, says Erik van der Eik, New Business & Innovation Director at Eindhoven-based facility management company HEYDAY. “Investors asked us if we could add value to buildings. Normally, facility management sits at the bottom of the value chain, far removed from the investor. Now we saw a chance to move up into the value chain and work with the investor to create value.”

HEYDAY saw a need in the market for new community and services concepts. “In real estate there is a lot of focus on asset management and operational excellence”, says Van der Eik. “But real estate is about people. That’s where we felt we could make a difference. We are good at making people happier.”

One of the concepts HEYDAY developed is called Exponential Life. “This concept gives more flexibility to the owner”, says Wisse Stenchlak, New Business & Innovation Manager. “We provide extra services, make sure that functionalities can be adapted to the requirements of the users and connect people with each other through sophisticated apps.”

Community service concepts work best in mixed-use environments, says Stenchlak. “Nowadays people don’t only live in their homes and they don’t only work in their offices. Community management means that you cater to these diverse needs of users.”

Proptech plays an important role in HEYDAY’s new strategy, says Van der Eik. “We digitalise all functions for which human beings are not needed. That means staff can be used in other ways to enhance the experience of the users.” But for HEYDAY technology is always a means, not an end. “We only believe in technology in combination with people."

One of the investors HEYDAY is working with is Amvest, a major Dutch real estate investor and project developer, which is undergoing its own transformation, shifting its focus from “putting up buildings” to developing integrated mixed-use environments. Amvest and HEYDAY will be presenting a workshop together at the PROVADA exhibition in Amsterdam about how they see service and community concepts in real estate develop over the next few years.

“Some investors understand that investing in community and services is good for the bottom line”, says Stenchlak. “But many are still afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Investors should understand that it is in their own interest to give priority to other people’s interests.”

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